teacher as hero:

A New Media Project to Celebrate BC Teachers

The inspired voices of teachers are some of the most significant influences of our time, and in a myriad of novel ways they are empowering children and youth in BC to create a better world.

This unique new media project will celebrate teachers from all walks of life and speak to all of us who care about creating lives of depth & meaning – for ourselves, our communities, our children and their children to come for generations.

The Teacher as Hero Project celebrates and highlights the fact that inspired teachers are essential to ensure that deep learning for all ages is possible when these mentors and leaders are given the acknowledgment they deserve and are supported wholeheartedly in our communities.

Inspired teachers are critical to imparting the knowledge needed for the planet’s survival, yet the contributions of teachers remain largely unknown and uncelebrated. The Teacher as Hero Project will do for the subject of “learning” what Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth did for climate change.

With passion and conviction, The Teacher as Hero Project will inspire the education field and offer visions of what inspired teachers can and are doing to inspirit education for global survival.

Last updated: Jan 27 - 2012